Client Testimonials

S Pavan Bhagavatula

I have been associated with Vertex Air for more than 15 years. I have secured technical support from the team for several projects I have worked on. The design, build and validation of their turnkey projects is just what we needed. Strongly recommend them for Clean Room services.

Pankaj Sahoo

When we started looking for Clean Room service providers, we were apprehensive. We were concerned if we will find value for money. I am glad that we partnered with Vertex Air. They helped end-to-end, from design, set up and maintenance. We have availed their services for 5 years and had no complain. I recommend Vertex Air.

Sam Singha

When we started working with Vertex Air, we had very limited time to complete and deliver the project. Vertex Air's fast process and timely delivery with accuracy ensured all of that. Thank you Vertex.

Ramandeep Kaur

Clean room is very critical to our Food industry. The precision with which Vertex Air completed the project was commendable. The people who we worked with closely were helpful and guided us through and through.

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